Gravity Got You Down?
Gravity Got You Down?

~Improve Posture  ~Decrease Chronic Pain  ~Restore Mobility  ~Renew Vitality

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Lasting relief form Chronic pain doesn't come from working only where it hurts...

Pain is only a clue--getting to the root of it requires a different view.  Rolfing employs a different model of biomechanical support for the body than physical therapy, chiropractory or massage therapy.  A  Rolfer looks for a balance of tesion and integrity in the body-wide web of connective tissue, for tensegrity, a concept invented by Buckminster Fuller, American architect and inventor know for the design of the geodesic dome.  That pain in your neck may not be coming from where you think it is...

Many people have trouble finding the right words to describe the ease and lift they feel in their bodies when they stand up after a Rolfing session...

That feeling, of being upright without effort, that is what it feels like to experience gravity as an energy source rather than as a compressive force.  Through hands-on work with the body's fascia, Rolfing restores the foundation of support for moving and carrying the weight of the body in harmony with gravity.

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